Fermented Foods Can Help To Promote Good Health!

Fermented Foods Can Help To Promote Good Health!

Your gut is home for both good and bad bacteria among them probiotics are good bacteria that lives in the digestive tract. As long as there is a good balance between the bacteria the immune system will benefit from a boost to help protect the body against threats. If there is an imbalance with too little good bacteria it could lead to a poor health outcome.

Incorporating fermented foods into the diet can help to maintain a good balance of gut bacteria. All around the world cultures have consumed fermented foods for centuries as a dietary staple for the tangy flavors and health benefits. Ancient Romans, Bulgarians, and early Asians all prized fermented foods for their taste and health benefits as they recognized their health was better and food was more interesting when ample amounts were consumed.

The process changes the food’s molecular structure and makes them easier to digest, which ensures the nutrients are as bioavailable as possible, giving the body access to more nutrients, fatty acids, and beneficial enzymes. Foods are typically more nutrient dense when they are fermented. Lacto-fermenting is a simple process that only requires salt, fruit/vegetables, and water to kill off harmful bacteria while leaving behind the salt tolerant good which can then convert the natural sugars into lactic acid that helps to preserve flavor, texture and nutrient content of the food.

Fermented foods can offer a variety of health benefits such as providing a range of beneficial enzymes, boosting levels of B vitamins, supporting the immune system with short chain fatty acids, increasing the bioavailability of minerals in foods, and supporting the natural elimination of toxic elements from the body.

Consuming fermented foods on a regular basis can help to provide numerous health benefits to your body. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and whole grains can all be fermented making it easy to find something fermented to add to the diet for experience these benefits.

Source: worldhealth.net
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