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Viru-Chord is a homeopathic combination formula for symptoms of fever, chills, fatigue, headache, coughs, nausea, diarrhea, swollen glands, sore throat, and muscle aches.

Energetix’ synergistic product line includes eight different complex homeopathic Attenuated Nosode Detoxifiers, targeting the various viral patterns and specific systems they infect. Viru-Chord is Energetix’ broad-based viral remedy and covers the energetic bandwidth of viruses infecting the body as a whole.

Viru-Chord alerts the body to viruses buried deep within the tissue and is designed to activate the immune system to begin moving them out.

More than 20 specific homeopathics make up Viru-Chord. Well-known China officinalis and Gelsemium assist with symptoms of pain and stiffness often associated with viral conditions, while Germanium increases oxygen.

Five Spagyrically-processed, low-potency herbs feed and nourish tissue while a variety of sarcodes assist with the maintenance and rebuilding of healthy tissue during detoxification.

More Information
Directions30 drops orally (in water or juice if desired) twice daily or as directed by your health care practitioner. Shake well before use. If you are pregnant or nursing consult your health care practitioner.
Supplement Facts

Active Ingredients: Belladonna 12X, 30X (Deadly Nightshade); Cinchona officinalis 12X (Peruvian Bark); Echinacea 4X; Gelsemium sempervirens 6X (Yellow Jasmine);

Glandula suprarenalis suis 9X, 12X, 6C (Adrenal Gland); Glycyrrhiza glabra 4X (Licorice Root); Hepar suis 9X, 12X, 6C (Liver Extract); Hydrastis canadensis 4X (Goldenseal); Illicium anisatum 12X (Anise); Influenzinum 30X (Influenza Nosode); Lachesis mutus 12X (Bushmaster Snake); Lappa major 4X (Burdock); Magnesia phosphorica 12X (Magnesium Phosphate); Morbillinum 30X (Measles Nosode); Myrrha 4X, 6X (Myrrh); Nasturtium aquaticum 6X (Watercress); Nux vomica 12X (Poison

Nut); Paloondo 12X (Creosote-bush); Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum 12X, 30X (Pyridoxine hydrochloride/Vitamin B6); Riboflavinum 12X, 30X (Riboflavin/Vitamin B2); Sambucus nigra 4X, 6X (European Elder); Scutellaria lateriflora 6X (Skullcap); Thiaminum hydrochloricum 12X, 30X (Thiamine Hydrochloride/Vitamin B1); Thyroidinum 9X, 12X, 6C (Thyroid Gland). 


Inactive Ingredients: Glycerin 15%; Ethanol 15%; Purified Water 70%.

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